One-Sixth of All North American Babies Could Be Wearing a Denim Diaper Right Now

Dressing a newborn can be rough, especially for parents who like clothes. The plain pink, blue, and yellow onesies hardly sartorially distinguish babies in their first months, when they don’t even wear shoes. So what are clothes-loving parents just dying to get them into cuter, more stylish things to do? Designer diapers, obviously, which is the kind of thinking that perhaps explains the success of Huggies’ denim diaper. Huggies brand manager Keegan Coulter told Ad Age that “the simple insight is that moms simply love seeing their babies in jeans,” and almost 60 percent of moms buy jeans for their babies before they’re even 6 months old. So it makes sense to give them the jeans they so ravenously crave in diaper form.

Turns out the look of a diaper can make up for what it may or may not do performance-wise. Huggies suffered a slump when Pampers came out with a Dry Max model, which Proctor and Gamble called the biggest technological hit in diapers in the last 25 years. But thanks to the denim diaper, Huggies’ numbers are up. About 2 million packages of denim diapers — and these are limited-edition — have been sold in North America, where 12 million infants are estimated to be wearing diapers at any given time. So one in six babies could be pooing in their denim right now, as you read this.

But while moms love seeing their babies in jeans made for pooping in, research suggests babies would rather soil diapers with cartoon characters on them. Not madras, though it’s a cute idea.

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One-Sixth of All North American Babies Could Be Wearing a Denim Diaper Right Now