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Rumi ‘Fashion Toast’ Neely Overcome by Her Forever 21 Fame

Personal-style blogger Rumi Neely, author and star of Fashion Toast, is the new face of Forever 21, just one of the forces behind the opening of the massive new Times Square store. She worked long and hard taking pictures of her outfits and posting them to her blog to attain true fame outside the small yet ravenous world of the fashion Internet, which is a rare thing. It’s like she’s won Miss Internet or something. She’s beside herself with her newfound ubiquity and impact on normal people.

She blogs:

I came and I saw. Cannot even describe the specific kind of weird/awesome involved in seeing the Forever 21 campaign all over New York. As in watching the video loop in Times Square or rushing through the subway trying to not be late and pausing for a second to look at the poster or failing to hail a cab with my face on it. My favorite had to have been some guy who started mocking my shirt as I walked by (“Hey you missed the sixties by about 4 decades, honey”) and then quickly did a double take…(“Wait you’re the girl in the Forever 21 video..?! You are, aren’t you!”). So awkward. As for the situation in general…just unbelievable.

Congrats, sister! And since when do people on the street just comment randomly on people’s outfits? She really is a natural-born star.

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Rumi ‘Fashion Toast’ Neely Overcome by Her Forever 21 Fame