Should Angelina Jolie Be More Fashionable?

Angelina Jolie may be a curious kind of megacelebrity in that she doesn’t seem overly concerned with her clothes or fashion at all. Whereas some celebrities rely on it to be intriguing (hello, Lady Gaga), Jolie — damn her — is intriguing all on her own, and even more so with the help of her kids and megafamous significant other. Bridget Foley of WWD is downright bothered by this, since celebrities are such a key part of the fashion industry. Jolie, she argues, owes it to the industry to try, rather than “often [looking] as unglamorous as her considerable physical gifts allow.”

Angelina has this odd, everywoman thing going on. Her clothes suggest that she wants us to think she’s just like moms everywhere. Getting dressed for the (well-chronicled) day is all about ease, comfort and what makes sense. For fashion, that’s sad enough when it comes to all of that with-the-kids press. True, Jolie always looks casually fabulous, but the fabulosity is all Angelina, not something a designer sent tied up with a bow. That might make her a better person, and Entertainment Weekly readers feel a misguided kinship, but it makes no one feel like rushing out for a T-shirt. They’ve already got one just like it, and it doesn’t make them look like Angelina.

… It probably doesn’t read well for one woman to lament that another woman seems to pay too little attention to her clothes while still looking great. But fashion needs icons other than those who amuse via outrageousness (Lady Gaga) or cheap stereotype (Snooki). Fashion needs aspirational icons; it always has. Michelle Obama can’t do it alone. Right now, despite fashion’s ongoing celebrity obsession, the best of Hollywood isn’t doing its part.

More Salt-related dresses.Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images, Jun Sato/WireImage

Foley adds that the short black Emporio Armani dress and the red Versace dress Jolie wore for the L.A. and Moscow premieres of Salt have “not a speck of imagination between the two.” Some of Foley’s thoughts have crossed our minds as well, in wondering why Jolie isn’t more fashionable. But as Foley notes, the woman has a million kids and seems more interested in globetrotting with them than in picking out strange-ish dresses. And that’s okay. It’s kind of nice that she can be famous for being herself instead of looking weird, especially when so many female pop stars are trying so hard to out-edge each other, clothingwise. Jolie can be simple and elegant and still adored for her clothes by plenty of people, if not by WWD. Maybe, as hard to stomach for the industry as this may be, she’s just not a fashion person!

Besides, the last thing she needs is more attention for anything. She blinks and the world stops to look. If she went outside being a fashion-forward trend monster all of a sudden, the Internet might implode.

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Should Angelina Jolie Be More Fashionable?