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The Resurrected A&F Quarterly Contains More Male Nudity Than Female Nudity

On Saturday, the A&F Quarterly — a catalogue you can buy! — returned after a seven-year hiatus. To buy yours, you would have had to reserve a copy online and then pick it up in the store between the hours of 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. — the time restrictions perhaps being Abercrombie’s attempt to ensure you’d enjoy the pleasure of buying their marketing materials in broad daylight, perhaps also forcing you to bring them to brunch or happy hour where other people would see them. Once you were in possession of the catalogue, a red warning label assaulted your eyes with a reminder that the pages within the plastic wrapping contained adult content and nudity only appropriate for people 18 years old or older.

The Shophound went and picked up a copy and compiled a handy statistical analysis of its nudity:

It’s hardly hard-core porn, but at $10 a copy it’s certainly priced like it, and while there is no actual full frontal nudity, there is plenty that without a strategically placed hand, leg or even a big black dot, would easily qualify. Note that if the same bottom was bared in multiple photos on the same page, we only counted it once, and, as the publication is from a chain of gay bars masquerading as clothing stores, the photos of guys vastly outnumber those of the gals — but then you probably knew that.

Male- 15
Female- 6

Female- 9
Male- pretty much all of them

Male- 16
Female - 8

Additionally, the book’s “A&F Screen Test” theme includes two separate photo sequences of guys either cuddling or wrestling depending on your level of denial —one pair clad in jeans and another wearing only the aforementioned large black dot. Also, there is a three-page Female-Male-Female threesome story, and two pages featuring a couple of fully clothed chicks making out — for equal time, we suppose.

So A&F still prefers naked men to women, but the hairless manly lumps hired to hang out unclothed in the store doorways probably could have indicated as much. And if you want to see something raunchier with more body hair, you’re probably better off saving up for the new issue of Purple, which doesn’t come with warning labels to hype its content. And whether something that made Abercrombie hot seven years ago will make them seem less so seven years ago today remains to be seen.

The 2010 A&F Quarterly Naked Count [Shophound]

The Resurrected A&F Quarterly Contains More Male Nudity Than Female Nudity