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The People Who Made Bruce Willis’s Fragrance Say It’s the ‘Manliest Scent in the World’

Bruce Willis’s fragrance comes out in Europe today! The company that makes it is calling it the “manliest scent in the world,” and claim it captures Bruce’s “strength, self-assurance, and single-mindedness.” However, fragrance scholars are here to prevent the public from letting such marketing dupe them into buying a crappy scent.

But can traits like confidence, humour and versatility be translated into a smell that everyone will recognise? Quite frankly, no, says Professor Tim Jacob, an expert on the olfactory system (the body’s system of smell) and the psychology of smell at Cardiff University.

“Smell is about association. If lemon makes us think of freshness it’s because it is a scent that has always been used in washing-up liquids and cleaning products. When scents are called floral or woody that’s just a descriptive classification system, it doesn’t translate into any physiological or psychological link.”

So while Bruce Willis’s fragrance will not make you manly, it might make you smell bad. The professor adds, “The celebrity perfume market depresses me because it is short-sighted. The fragrances are usually thrown together and sold off the back of a big name. They’re simply an excuse for not trying to create something truly original and beautiful.” Well, when you have a face like Bruce on the packaging, the beauty is pretty much taken care of right there.

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The People Who Made Bruce Willis’s Fragrance Say It’s the ‘Manliest Scent in the World’