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Reader Look Book: Show Us Your Hottest Summer Outfit

Remember The Reader Look Book? It remembers you. For almost a year now, The Cut’s best-dressed readers have been uploading shots of their most sartorially inspired getups. We’ve seen racy thigh-highs, killer clogs, and perfectly styled rock tees, but anything goes, really. The rule of thumb: If your ensemble would turn heads on the subway, we want to see it.

Uploading is crazy-easy, too. Just use the tool below to submit photos of what you (or your pals) are wearing lately. As the Look Book continues to grow, we’ll give a shout-out to our favorite outfit each week — like this playfully bright number, at right, submitted by Cut reader Fresh90211. In it, he’s rocking a Uniqlo polo and hoodie, Express tie, H&M aviators, and a Nintendo controller belt he fashioned himself. Says Fresh, “My inspiration comes from my imagination and hopes of what the future will look and feel like.”

So happy browsing, kids, and may the best outfit win.

Need more explicit instruction on how to use the tool? Go here.

Reader Look Book: Show Us Your Hottest Summer Outfit