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A whole new look at Red Hook.

Although the fashion world has been all aflutter over W’s big makeover, let’s not forget it’s still W at the end of the day, and W loves itself some high-fashion spreads. You don’t haul around that extra square-inchage of magazine just to look at more glossy, meticulously styled, exorbitantly expensive words, do you?

Behold: an exclusive sneak peek at W’s September-issue spread, “Last Exit to Brooklyn,” which was shot in Red Hook by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott and styled by Alex White. The spread makes ample usage of the neighborhood’s finer features, including several splintered wooden telephone poles, sewage puddles, and the neon sign at Rocky Sullivan’s Tap Room. Models Lindsey Wixson, Ginta Lapina, and Kirsi Pyrhonen wear rich tweeds and jewel-tone dresses as they stare pensively into the sunlight, presumably waiting outside of Rocky Sullivan’s for some dashingly handsome skinny-jeans-clad gent to whisk them off for a pint of lager and a basket of jalapeño poppers.

Style-wise, the shoot hints at some rather noteworthy fall trends. First off, for people who would like to take the greige trend one step further than nail polish but can’t quite bring themselves to get all Kristen McMenamy, this spread provides an ideal compromise: gray lipstick! Secondly, underwear-as-outerwear prevails, and pointedly so. (See Secrets in Lace’s polyester bra worn over Dries Van Noten’s silk dress, above left.) Apparently, the funnel-shaped cup is making a comeback despite its disappointing exclusion from cone-bra godfather Jean-Paul Gaultier’s first lingerie collection. And from the looks of that underwire, no one puts this trend in a corner.

More images from this spread will appear on wmagazine.com this afternoon. Have at!

A whole new look at Red Hook.