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André Leon Talley and Tavi to Cover Fashion’s Night Out Live Online

This year Vogue has managed to stretch Fashion’s Night Out from one evening to a full week of excitement. It begins with New York City’s biggest ever public fashion show in Lincoln Center on September 7. Though tickets were damn near impossible to buy (anyone have any luck lately?), you can watch the show live online, which is free and will probably be a much more comfortable situation than the alcohol-free crowded-subway feel the live show might have. Also, you can watch Vogue’s André Leon Talley — the best reality-TV judge in the history of reality TV — host a live webcast of the show on with Vogue-approved slashie Hanneli Mustparta, the model and blogger. Their webcast begins at 7.

The excitement continues on September 10, of course, when Fashion’s Night Out takes place at retailers around the city. If you don’t want to leave your home and enter the clusterfuck and gridlock that are likely to occur again this year, with even more stores participating than last, you can stay home and read Tavi on the Internet! A source close to Barneys tells us she’s flying in with her dad to tweet Fashion’s Night Out for the store, and post live to its blog BSides on

And if you sleep through all that, you can watch everything you missed and then some on CBS on Tuesday, September 14, when the one-hour documentary special on the planning of Fashion’s Night Out airs at 10 p.m. So far we know the footage includes lots of fancy early-morning breakfast meetings, cameos by international Vogue editors, and probably lots more screen time of Fashion’s Night Out queen Anna Wintour.

We feel like sportscasters going over all this stuff; FNO is like the World Series of fashion, catchy three-letter acronym and everything. Maybe the best approach to absorb it all is to make the boyfriend or husband watch all of it with you as you jump up and yell every time Anna comes on the screen or Tavi references a movie or television show that was popular in the nineties.

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André Leon Talley and Tavi to Cover Fashion’s Night Out Live Online