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Anna Wintour Chooses Sunglasses Over Wine

Anna Wintour is a singular creature in publishing in so many ways. She floats among the drab, gray cubicles in her very office-y Condé Nast offices, always impeccably attired, perfectly groomed, and very professional, but completely anti-office. Of course she probably also doesn’t spend many mornings feeling like she has a head full of cement, in her clothes and body glitter from the night before, wondering if she really danced with that person, and if she really ate food from Taco Bell, and why she has an oblong bruise on her arm. She is that rare sort of editor who doesn’t drink, according to Jerry Oppenheimer’s unofficial biography, Front Row. Wintour mentions alcohol in a new interview with Opening Ceremony owner Humberto Leon:

HL: What is your favorite store in New York that is no longer open?
AW: There was an oculist on Prince Street that had great sunglasses and is sadly now a wine store.

She also said that “of course” she reads fashion blogs, but notes “we’re not competitors.” She goes on to admit that she has an iPad, but doesn’t say she avoids being seen with it at Sunday picnics at the cost of looking like a yuppie that keeps electronics instead of gluten and pets in the house.

Anna Wintour Interviewed by Humberto Leon [Opening Ceremony]

Anna Wintour Chooses Sunglasses Over Wine