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Are Pigs the New Cats?

If you want to be high-brow and turn this pig wearing jewelry into a conversation about capitalist pigs, do so in the comments.

Cats have been a rising force in fashion over the past year, clawing their way into the top campaigns and editorials, and squirming (as illustrations) onto the fanciest clothes in the world. Fashion not only wanted to wear cats, but to be seen by and with cats. After all that hard work the cats did getting famous and landing at the cusp of fully eradicating the stigma of crazy cat ladies, a new threat emerges: the pig. The eyeliner-wearing, eyelash-batting pig. The last issue of Russian Vogue edited by Aliona Doletskaya prior to her resignation includes a saucy little thing flaunting Chopard diamond earrings. We also noticed pigs in this month’s Cosmopolitan, for art for a story about diets, not fashion — but still. Maybe the legacy of cats in fashion will be as the gateway animals for other less adorable and less awesome creatures, like … pigs.

Okay, fine. Pigs are adorable. Especially this diamond-earring-wearing bling pig. Luxury is really back!

Aliona Doletskaya’s Final Vogue Russia Issue Features Natalia Vodianova Plus Pigs Wearing Chopard Jewels [Fashionologie]

Are Pigs the New Cats?