Brad Goreski Sexes Up His ‘Geek-Chic’ Look

Season three of The Rachel Zoe Project premieres tonight, and Zoe’s associate Brad Goreski is ready to show off his new, sexed-up style. “I’m going to be 33; I was promoted and I want to show people you don’t have to be stuck on a look,” he explained in an interview with StyleList. “I wanted to be sexier. It’s still geek chic, but sexier. Right now, my friends and I are into looking refined.”

Goreski elaborated, “I was always very preppy. I wouldn’t wear anything if it wasn’t Benetton, Esprit, or Polo. The bow ties started four or five years ago. I was in New York, heading to a club, and I purchased this big, fat velvet bow tie. I thought it would be fun to wear it out. I did and there was great response. Even straight guys were saying, ‘Where did you get that?’ Now, I have 100 to 150 bow ties.”

So what can this talk of newfound sexiness mean? Slightly askew glasses? Unbuttoned top buttons and flashes of chest hair? He has been paying a lot of attention to his skin, it seems. “I’m obsessed with the Clarisonic brush,” he admitted. “It actually makes you feel like you’ve had a facial. It helps prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, too. I’m a huge Crème de la Mer person. My hair product changes a bit, I like to try different things. For my skin, Neutrogena dry body oil is heaven!”

Goreski also mentioned that he hasn’t seen or spoken to Taylor Jacobson since she left her job as Rachel Zoe’s assistant. “She just left and never came back. With the pace of what we do — as I suspect she has done on her own — we just move forward.” And while Jacobson’s departure seems to have taken its toll on Zoe, Goreski isn’t worried about his boss’s health. “I see her on a daily basis,” he explained. “On the show you see her very stressed, but it’s not like she’s like that 24/7. She’s been doing this now for 15 years. She must have some recipe for keeping it all together and finding balance.”

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Brad Goreski Sexes Up His ‘Geek-Chic’ Look