Elle Macpherson Eats ‘Like It’s Going Out of Fashion’


Elle Macpherson is the latest model to suggest that women can look slim and cellulite-free while eating whatever they want.

The 47-year-old known as The Body tells Australia’s Sky News she “loves food far too much” to diet.

“My worst habit is eating too much – I eat like it’s going out of fashion really,” Macpherson, who has an intimates company, tells the site.

“But I stay active with things like water-skiing and horse riding, and I guess that keeps the weight off.”

But of course she eats — she’s a model! This is what models do when they’re not getting paid to look pretty: eat. Yet MacPherson seems to agree with Elle editor Robbie Myers, who called her “not skinny” on the Today show some months back:

“I’m naturally the curvy type, and I’m more concerned with feeling fit and healthy than looking super slim,” she says.

So … doughnuts for all!!!!!!!!!!

Elle Macpherson: ‘I Eat Like It’s Going Out of Fashion’ [StyleList]

Elle Macpherson Eats ‘Like It’s Going Out of Fashion’