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Fenton Fallon’s Upcoming Men’s Line Will Be Skull-and-Anchor-Free

Fenton Fallon designer Dana Lorenz threw a jewelry-making party at her Freeman Alley boutique last night, which was a fun way to reveal her design process and unload extra materials. Tables were laid out with vintage rhinestone necklaces, chunky chains, and gumball-size pearls, and Lorenz spent the evening flitting around the room and offering help to pliers-wielding bloggers.

Perhaps it’s a good thing that she cleaned out her supply closet, since it looks like Fenton Fallon may be headed in a new direction. “My upcoming collection was definitely a departure from what I normally do,” Lorenz hinted. “There’s actually going to be a lot of color, and a lot of metal finishes that I’ve never used before. I’m doing more simple, graphic pieces; resort was very simple and graphic and it did very well. I think there’s a new modernism happening, but of course there are a few pieces in the collection that are crazy statement pieces, because that’s what I do.”

And she does it well, if the number of knockoffs are any indication. “I feel like this party can happen in anyone’s home,” Lorenz told us. “I’d rather have people be creative and source their materials and find things in their closets and do inspired-by pieces of mine than buy them at — I’m not going to name names. But they’re out there. They’re everywhere.”

In addition to her upcoming Fashion Week presentation (the details of which are still under wraps), Lorenz in working on a men’s line. “It’s very romantic,” she revealed. “There’s not a skull or an anchor or a feather in sight. It’s based on the French regency and Louis XIV interiors. It’s all very graphic and there are a lot of details that are sourced from furniture carvings and wallpaper. I used some leather and chains. There’s a lot of color, too; I want to keep it young.” A skull-and-anchor-free men’s jewelry line? This we can’t wait to see.

Fenton Fallon’s Upcoming Men’s Line Will Be Skull-and-Anchor-Free