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Reader Look Book: You Love Us — You Really, Really Love Us!

Verklempt. That’s the only word that can describe what we’re feeling toward y’all right now. Over the last 48 hours, there have been more than two dozen submissions to our Reader Look Book. The pics are pouring in from all over the country (what up, Phoenix?!) and have showcased delicate lace tops, chunky wedges, floppy straw hats, sharp tailored blazers, and, curiously, an 8-year-old modeling skeleton hands (an aspiring Mulleavy, maybe?).

It was hard choosing a favorite, but Cut reader CourtneyPrince (pictured) just looked so elegant in her veiled fascinator, fashioned from hand-dyed vintage velvet and ostrich feathers, we couldn’t resist plugging her. So, congrats CourtneyPrince, you’ve inspired us to forget for a minute that Gossip Girl pretty much ruined feather headpieces and actually give the plumed look another go. Extra points for the elaborate glass-beaded necklace, paired with a simple black tube top. Lookin’ good, lady!

So who’s up for some public stroking? Use the tool below to submit pics of your best outfit. We’ll continue to call out the latest and greatest looks right here.

Need more explicit instruction on how to use the tool? Go here.

Reader Look Book: You Love Us — You Really, Really Love Us!