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Sally Singer Poaches Vogue Staffers for T

Sally Singer’s first issue of T will be the holiday issue, out December 5. And she’s still staffing up, mostly by pulling some of her favorite people from Vogue. Vogue expats joining Singer at T include new senior fashion editor Ethel Park, who was Vogue’s associate fashion editor and Tonne Goodman’s longtime assistant; freelance fashion editor Sara Moonves, daughter of CBS’s Leslie, and former assistant to Phyllis Posnick, Vogue’s executive fashion director; and freelance fashion editor Vanessa Traina, Danielle Steele’s daughter, who has worked with Vogue contributor Marie-Amélie Sauvé.

“They see the link between fashion and the larger question of what’s relevant in our culture,” Singer said of her new recruits, adding, “They’re also quite connected with the generation of emerging designers, not only in the States, but abroad, as well.”

And hey, everyone needs a job.


Sally Singer Poaches Vogue Staffers for T