Sea of Shoes Is Making Very Literal and Scary Bug Jewelry


The world of accessories always needs scary, threatening trends. As far as jewelry goes, spikes were THE thing for a while, but in the new ladylike decade bugs seem to be having an impact. If designers want bugs to be the new spikes, though, they better be careful, because a lot of us hate bugs and want nothing less in life than to be near bugs, bug parts, bug imagery, what have you. Personal-style-blogging phenomenon Sea of Shoes is pouncing on the trend like a cat to a moth with a bug-inspired jewelry line that leaves nothing to the imagination. Here you see a disturbingly literal beetle belt.


But the line also includes beetle charms that have little beetle legs and beetle mouths and whatever else beetles have on their undersides that the world doesn’t need to know about, much less have dangling around their necks near their décolletage. How do you go on a date with one of those things where the other person has to eat in front of you? What about the poor person checking you out at Duane Reade who wants to jump and squirm at the mere sight of the beetle fangs snatching at your hip? Shouldn’t we entomophobes be spared this literalism? Bugs are not cats. They are not pets. They are not cute.

BEETLE MANIA [Sea of Shoes]

Sea of Shoes Is Making Very Literal and Scary Bug Jewelry