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Tavi Makes Her Editorial Styling Debut in BlackBook

Proenza Schouler sends her their hot new fall graffiti pants, she gets recognized in her local Marc Jacobs store, and she’s not even old enough to learn to drive. Well, maybe that’s not so different from a lot of models, but Tavi Gevinson is accruing much more clout as a fashion authority. She makes her styling debut in the September issue of BlackBook, in which she dressed model Christine Staub (Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub’s daughter), who is only one year older than her. The shoot was conceived for Chloë Sevigny, but she had to drop out at the last minute, so Tavi cast Staub instead. Since they titled the spread “Nobody’s Daughter” they may as well have cast Courtney Love — unless that would have been too awkward now that she is a personal-style blogger and therefore Tavi competitor, like every working professional in fashion now.

Photo: Annelise Phillips for BlackBook

BlackBook editors had said that when Tavi pulled clothes, she didn’t pull very many things and they were worried she wouldn’t have enough. The pictures have her signature “hanging out by the aluminum siding at 4 on a sunny afternoon feel,” but Staub seems to lack the same volume of accessories or layers. We’re happy that this spread is age-appropriate and devoid of overt sexiness.

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Tavi Is Styling Christine Staub for BlackBook’s September Issue

Tavi Makes Her Editorial Styling Debut in BlackBook