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The Journal’s Tips for Getting Snapped by a Street-Style Blog

The Sartorialist, hard at work.

The Wall Street Journal has discovered street-style blogs! “We’ve had the age of supermodels as fashion icons and the age of celebrities. Now comes the age of attractive strangers,” Christina Binkley writes. The idea that the stylish everyman is now also a tastemaker is not exactly news to anyone with an Internet connection and a passing interest in fashion, but the Journal does trail to see where street-snappers go and what exactly they’re looking for.

Tip No. 1 to BTV hopefuls: Wait outside Cafe Gitane, the Über-chic Nolita bistro frequented by celebrities and scenesters.

Tip No. 2: Tip your hat or sunglasses in an artful way. Think composition, babe.

Tip No. 3: Don’t wear short shorts, gladiator sandals, Uggs, or tops/dresses that show off your bra, and leave the cigarettes at home. (These are all deal-breakers for the site’s photogs.)

Wha, wha, what?

Let’s just stick to the Sartorialist’s rules: Look adorable, show up at fashion shows, or be Giovanna Bataglia.

Seen on the Street: Strangers as Style Icons [WSJ]
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The Journal’s Tips for Getting Snapped by a Street-Style Blog