Times Discovers Joys of Free Booze With Manicures

You probably already knew that some salons, like Dashing Diva and Beauty Bar, have cocktail and manicure specials. Now the Times is aware that in certain places at certain times buying one will also get you the other. The paper discovered that this is a great combination: People like booze and getting their nails done, and doing two fun things at once is better than doing just one fun thing at a time. It’s also great for the manicurists, who can be sloppy and take shortcuts with drunk clientele:

Stacy Griffin, the head manicurist, remembers one woman who was weaving so much that “I felt like I was on a boat giving a manicure,” she said. “She kept opening her wallet and smudging her nails and I kept touching them up.”

Still, Ms. Griffin said, her cocktail-loving customers tend not to care if their polish is impeccable. “Everything doesn’t have to be perfect,” she said.

But sometimes sloppy clients demand re-dos.

At Dashing Diva, despite Ms. Chi’s drink limit, Michelle Anthony, 31, a fund-raiser on the Upper West Side who comes almost every Friday, remembers a tipsy couple getting massages and pedicures one night. “They were celebrating, and the drinks were flowing,” Ms. Anthony said. “But when the girl got up from the pedicure chair, she fell flat on her face. She had to get it redone.”

It’s chicks like that who ruin things like drunk manis for all of us. We don’t want one of the uptight ones to sue and cause them to take it away!

Polish One Off While They Polish Your Nails [NYT]

Times Discovers Joys of Free Booze With Manicures