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Video: Clips From CBS’s Fashion’s Night Out Documentary Special!

On September 14, CBS — the only network Vogue lets into their secret universe — will air a documentary television special about the planning of Fashion’s Night Out. Clips of Anna and Team Vogue organizing the event, including this year’s biggest ever public fashion show, are out. In the first clip, Anna explains that the point of the fashion show is to get people watching eager to run into stores on Fashion’s Night Out and buy what they saw on the runway. That also explains why Vogue has organized the show so as to include designer looks coupled with cheaper versions of the same looks. People are probably eager to go to this thing for the sake of going to a fashion show, rather than shopping a couple days later during Fashion’s Night Out, which is more for drinking than shopping, but we can look at it Anna’s way too.

And here’s a serious fashion-business meeting about trends like … feathers! Are they in? Again? Do they sell? WHY? Well, apparently yes, they do sell, and apparently this season there’s a “critical mass” of feathers that will “really tell the story” that customers can internalize. Feathers! (By the by, is that Valencia orange juice or carrot juice on the table?)

Lastly, here’s footage of Anna in Paris with the international Vogue editors — the one time, Anna explains, they’ll all sit in the same room without a runway. They talk about struggles with advertisers, and Anna emphasizes her hope that the event is not elitist but all-inclusive.

Video Sneak Peeks from CBS’s Fashion’s Night Out Special, Plus More FNO Fashion Show Details [Fashionologie]

Video: Clips From CBS’s Fashion’s Night Out Documentary Special!