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Zandra Rhodes Clamoring After Gaga; Rachel Zoe’s Definition of ‘Cheap’

• Faith Popcorn, chief executive officer of marketing firm BrainReserve, thinks cautious spending is here to stay: “The entire consumer mentality has changed across the socioeconomic spectrum. We understand and buy what we truly need, and we actually want less — stuff is clutter and we want simpler. We call it cashing out.” [WWD]

• Jay-Z took the stage at the World Basketball Festival wearing a cardigan he jazzed up with leather elbow patches. [Style File/Style]

• Zandra Rhodes wants to dress Lady Gaga; she says, “I’d do what I did with Freddie Mercury and Queen — I’d just get her to come over and she could pick out the sort of thing she fancied and I’d work with that.” [Vogue UK]

• Rachel Zoe, Tommy Hilfiger, and Patrick Robinson all told WWD their personal definition of “cheap.” Unsurprisingly, Zoe’s is the best: “Anything my husband won’t yell at me for.” [WWD]

• Snooki Halloween costumes are here! [She Finds]

• Footwear brands have discovered bloggers, and are incorporating them into their digital marketing strategies. [WWD]

• Madonna wore a dark-gray satin Dolce & Gabbana shift dress to her 52nd birthday at London’s Shoreditch House. [Grazia UK]

• Margherita Missoni on working with her grandmother: “I spent a very big part of my childhood with her: on holidays around the world, in her woods searching for mushrooms, around flea markets, going to the opera, picking flowers in the fields. Most of my aesthetic has been passed on to me directly by her. We are very close, I think because my mother was so rebellious and gave her no chance, she poured all her high standards into me instead.” [Guardian UK]

Zandra Rhodes Clamoring After Gaga; Rachel Zoe’s Definition of ‘Cheap’