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Abbey Lee Kershaw Is Blond! Really, Really Blond!

Is white the new gray? While everyone from Kate Moss to Tavi to normal people who just generally try really hard have dabbled in gray hair, the trend just might be on the verge of an evolution, if Abbey Lee Kershaw’s new insanely blond hair is anything to go by. The beauty’s formerly brown locks are now a stunning peroxide blond. She spoke to Modelinia at the Chanel party last night:

“I did it like two days ago,” she said. “It took seven hours and I didn’t speak for another four hours. I just made the decision that I needed a change. I’ve never dyed my hair before. Also I think that with the cut that I’ve got, it was the time to go white.”

Well, this could be the perfect complement to Alexander Wang’s collection (for which White-Out was the inspiration), assuming she’ll walk his show, which she usually does (and is likely to, as Wang’s fall 2010 campaign video star). What do you think: Was her seven-hour commitment worth it? Can plebeians pull this off, or is it just Kershaw (because she’s, frankly, one of the coolest top models working today) who can spend seven hours on her hair without making it seem like she tries really hard?

Modelinia Exclusive: Abbey Lee’s New Hue [Modelinia]

Abbey Lee Kershaw Is Blond! Really, Really Blond!