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Beyoncé Modeled in Tom Ford’s Secret Presentation!

Finally Fashion Week is getting GOOD! Not only did those rumors about Tom Ford’s top secret cocktail party masquerading as a presentation of his first namesake womenswear collection come true, but Beyoncé is also modeling the clothes! ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!!!! The Telegraph’s Hilary Alexander tweets:

Fabulous fun sexy glamour see-thru shirts and Beyonce wiggling in silvrr and gold and black mesh python pattern modelling at tom ford

She missed a couple hashtags: #uuuunnnnnnnnhorgasmic #thisissomuchbetterthanthevmas. Because in case you still haven’t internalized how big of a deal it is that Tom Ford is returning to womenswear, look at it this way: Beyoncé chose to model in his presentation — with other famous people, meaning she has to share a spotlight — while the Video Music Awards get underway in L.A. this evening.

Alexander also tweets that modeling alongside Beyoncé were Julianne Moore, Daphne Guinness, Rita Wilson, and Lauren Hutton. The pictures supposedly won’t come out until January, which is a tragic shame for this fashion season in New York, because it’s one of the only shows or presentations to embrace real women as models instead of that pervasive 18-year-old, six-foot-tall rail look. And by real women, we mean celebrities with armies of people to make them look hot at all times — but hey, it’s something.

Hilary Alexander [Twitter]

Beyoncé Modeled in Tom Ford’s Secret Presentation!