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Beyoncé’s Temporary-Tattoo Line; Julianna Margulies’s L’Oréal Campaign

• Beyoncé is making temporary-tattoo kits for her House of Deréon label. She and Tina Knowles have teamed up with airbrush makeup company Temptu to make stick-on body art, which hits stores November 1. [WWD]

• Julianna Margulies will be the new face of RevitaLift, L’Oréal Paris’s anti-aging brand. [WWD]

John Galliano’s new perfume, Parlez-Moi d’Amour, is targeting 16- to 30-year-olds with an ad campaign starring Taylor Momsen, which includes a short video that will air before the scent’s release in October. [WWD]

• Manic Panic is releasing a line of jeweled eye strips, which are basically sheets of stick-on eye shadow studded with rhinestones. [Nylon]

• Lady Gaga’s makeup artist, Sharon Gault, used to struggle to get samples for the star. “I remember trying to get a hold of a specific brand of false lashes to use on her in “Poker Face,” so I called the makeup company and said, “I’m working with this new singer, Lady Gaga, and she’s going to be the next Madonna.” And the person just laughed at me! But a year later, that same person said to me, “Sharon, I’ll never doubt you again.” []

• Check out this guide on if and when you should start using anti-aging skin-care products. (Hint: Despite the lotions and potions cosmetics companies may try to push on younger customers, there’s no reason to wear wrinkle cream in your twenties.) [BellaSugar]

Beyoncé’s Temporary-Tattoo Line; Julianna Margulies’s L’Oréal Campaign