Bloomingdale’s Admits to Finding ‘One Bedbug’ in Its Flagship Store

The bedbugs may be winning in their conquest of this city’s retail establishments, landmarks, offices, and movie theaters, but Bloomingdale’s, which now finds itself under attack, won’t be defeated. They won’t close the store. They won’t exaggerate the problem. On Friday, the retailer released a statement saying they found “one bedbug” in the giant 59th Street flagship. Is it denial? Delusion? Fact?

“We identified it and removed it promptly. We conducted a thorough search of the area, including the use of dogs trained to spot bed bug locations. We are confident that we have thoroughly addressed the problem,” the statement read.

The company said it would do more “examinations and random checks of all offices and common spaces” to look for more bed bugs.

“One bedbug”? Just one? Anyone who’s tangoed with a bedbug knows how unlikely this sounds. An exterminator told Fox News that it’s possible one bug fell off a shopper and was just hanging out alone; but to demonstrate the dangers of that bedbug having a friend around, he brought out a jar that a few days ago housed only a few bedbugs, which had multiplied to 20 or 30. Experts have told us that it is possible to treat a small isolated area of bedbugs without shutting down a store. However, one bedbug sounds like such a dubious finding. It’s almost like a store saying, “Aesthetically concerned customers will be glad to know that our carpet had one limp fiber, but we quickly identified the eyesore and tweezed it immediately, completely restoring the store’s beauty.”

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Bloomingdale’s Admits to Finding ‘One Bedbug’ in Its Flagship Store