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Che Guevara + Anna Wintour = Che Anna

What happens when you mix Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara with British-born fashion-industry leader Anna Wintour? You’re looking at her: Che Anna, as graphically immortalized by artist Christopher Lee Sauvé and played by drag queen Sherry Vine. Sauvé, Stylecaster, and have partnered to launch the Che Anna–fronted Style to the People campaign. The “manifesto”:

This is a call to revolution, to confront the menace of editorial dictatorship and fashion tyranny and return style to its rightful place in society. We must unite to advance fashion as a means for good in the world, emphasizing individuality and expression over oppressive fashion imperialism. Go forward with your eyes on the future, communicate it, live it, love it, spread it. It is your duty, it is your obligation as a loyal member of the fashion revolution to bring STYLE TO THE PEOPLE.

All money raised from sales of limited-edition T-shirts and tote bags bearing the Che Anna graphic will go to charity. To spread the message about the cause, Che Anna is hitting the streets, where style and the people exist together. For some reason, she likes to stick to Chinatown and Soho, but we hear she’ll be accosting Fashion Week attendees outside the brand-new Lincoln Center tents. A taste of her madness:

Che Anna [Official site]

Che Guevara + Anna Wintour = Che Anna