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Chicks Are Picking Up Dudes With Silly Bandz

So you’re out at a bar, you see a hot guy, you try the ol’ eye-sex routine, but his elbows are glued to the bar and he doesn’t come toward you. Now what? Do you assume he’s having eye sex with a girl (or guy) behind you? Do you send him a drink, which costs money you’re not sure is worth spending? Or do you give him a plastic string in the shape of something suggestive? Many women these days, according to the Daily News, are choosing option No. 3: Silly Bandz.

“I had no idea what they were,” said financial planner James Santos, 32, who lives in Tribeca.

“I went on a date with a girl. She gave me one. Two days later, another girl gave me another Silly Band. I felt important.”

Santos said he now keeps his own stock of the bands, shaped like palm trees and surfers, wrapped around his right arm.

But this could get complicated. Do the shapes mean different things? If you give someone a Silly Band in the shape of a beetle, does that mean, “You’re a creep, get away”? No, that has to be too complicated for even the overthinking Carrie Bradshaws of the world. Telling strange men “Leave me alone,” is just so much easier and more effective.

No kidding: Grown-ups using rubber Silly Bandz to flirt in bars and clubs [NYDN]

Chicks Are Picking Up Dudes With Silly Bandz