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Chris Brown Thinks New York Fashion Week Is Snobby

When Chris Brown showed up at John Varvatos’s tenth-anniversary party (and the liquor launch for Original Moonshine) last night, his publicist would only let us talk to him if we stuck to questions on fashion. Which is okay, because even if we still don’t know what we think about him as a person, he looked pretty fly. Read on for Mr. Brown’s thoughts on moonshine, New York vs. Europe, and why he calls himself a style “reject.”

How would you describe your style?
I would say reject with a little bit of preppy. We’re just trying to have fun and do stuff that not everybody is doing, but that other people can relate to.

Why do you describe your style as “reject”?
Because I wouldn’t go with the natural trends, like, if everybody says, “This is the cut I’m wearing for fall,” I’m like, “I’m cool. I’m wearing something else.” I might wear a tank top in the winter or maybe a fur coat in the summer. I’m always the opposite of what you’re supposed to do.

As a straight man, is there any fashion you can’t wear?
Nah, I’m always wiling to push the envelope. I think I’m extremely content with my manhood and masculinity, so anything with clothes, I’m not too timid about pushing the envelope when it comes to style.

What’s your assessment of New York Fashion Week?
I’ve done it in Milan, Paris, different places. It’s a lot more snobby here. I like overseas, because you get more appreciation of the culture and the art. It’s not about who you are or what you do. In Milan and Paris, the times I’ve gone, you just get to appreciate it a lot more and you’re more relaxed. In the States, people are so uptight because they care about the wrong things.

Did something bad happen to you at a New York show?
No, nothing in particular. It’s just the aura of it.

Will you drink any moonshine tonight?
Nah. I don’t drink that much in general, so I’m definitely going to stay away from that.

Chris Brown Thinks New York Fashion Week Is Snobby