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Coco Rocha Wore Jellies on Her Wedding Day

Coco Rocha arrived at the Reiss store on Fashion’s Night Out, where she was promoting Rimmel makeup, after judging a dancing contest at Saks with her wedding-dress designer Zac Posen. “No one knew really how to dance,” the model, a dancer herself, told us. “Zac Posen and I wanted them to dance their hardest, so a lot of people got involved and Zac was dancing his heart out.” Rocha did a fair amount of dancing at her wedding, a princesslike affair that took place at a castle in France, recently revealed in all its beauty in the wedding videos she posted online. Contrary to our suspicions, she did not wear foam flip-flops under her mermaid dress. “I wore these plastic silver shoes that were just jellies almost. I was in a flat — I mean, there was no point [in wearing heels].” Could she walk easily in the dress? “On gravel? Not so much. On the floor like this, it wasn’t bad.”

Rocha said she had planned to do her own makeup for the wedding, but Rimmel flew to France to do her and her bridesmaids. Her entire getting-ready process that day lasted “probably from nine in the morning, ten in the morning till three.” Her best advice to brides is to avoid stress. “Just let things happen,” she said. “And especially when someone’s doing something for you, just let them do it for you. In the end, it’s surprising and more exciting when you enter a room and that’s how it appears, instead of just freaking over every detail.”

After Fashion’s Night Out, Rocha will jet to Los Angeles to attend the VMAs, but will return to New York to walk a couple of as-yet-unconfirmed shows before going to London, Milan, and Paris to walk one or two shows per city.

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Coco Rocha Wore Jellies on Her Wedding Day