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Doutzen Kroes Juice Fasts Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Doutzen Kroes covers this month’s issue of Canadian Flare, allowing the magazine to talk about how trendy curves are! But trendy is the key word: While Kroes was one of the surprise faces and figures on Miuccia Prada’s fall 2010 runway, the same designer cast no models who are considered curvy (by industry standards) for the Spring/Summer 2011 show, even though some of the shapes of the clothing would have been ideal for a baby bump. Kroes, who spoke to the magazine well before Prada’s spring show, says she doesn’t deprive herself of food for the sake of fitting the runway figure ideal, which, as the spring 2011 season progresses, looks to be stick thin as usual.

“I was told to lose weight in the beginning,” says Kroes. “I could be considered really skinny by some women in the country, but I think I am one of the [models] who is very close to representing a body more people can relate to. It’s important that we are aware of what kind of message we are putting out. There are girls who are eight or 10 years old who are watching what they are eating! I wasn’t even thinking about those things at that age. I was eating all the candy I could get my hands on!”

And yet, Kroes is a model, and eating whatever she wants — even though Victoria’s Secret must pay her handsomely for her shape — just isn’t in the job description. Flare reports that before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show:

Kroes cuts out carbs and sugar, and follows a juice fast to prep for the occasion, but in general maintains a refreshing outlook about her diet and figure — she eats healthy and exercises, but doesn’t deny herself.

Doesn’t sound like the ideal situation, but what woman hasn’t prepped for a big event or vacation by going on some uncomfortable diet? It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but a lot of the behavior can probably be blamed on horribly unflattering bridesmaid dresses.

And God Created Doutzen [Flare, not online]

Doutzen Kroes Juice Fasts Before the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show