Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Four

Sarah Easley (left) and Beth Buccini.

No lazy Sunday-is-laundry-day outfits for these two. Nope, even when Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley, co-owners of the fashion-forward Kirna Zabête boutique, wear sweats (like Beth is on this gloomy Sunday), they’re the dressed-up fancy Celine kind, totally not the wadded-up-in-a-stinky-gym-locker-somewhere version like we own. Click ahead to find out what else they’ll be wearing to the tents today.

On Easley: Balenciaga dress, Chrissie Morris shoes, Reece bag, Alaia belt, and Anndra Neen cuff.
About the look: “This is an old Balenciaga runway dress, and even though it is neon and rather memorable, I pull it out every season. Hoping it looks fresh with the Alaia belt!”

On Buccini: Celine sweatshirt dress, Celine wedges, Celine box bag, and KBL sunglasses.
About the look: “I really do attempt to wear things that aren’t always 1) dresses, 2) Celine, and 3) stripes — but really, how could I resist this? Polished in a sweatshirt … only Phoebe Philo could make this dream come true. Plus, the bag of the season — and a lifetime!”

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Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Four