Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Six

Sarah Easley (left) and Beth Buccini.

By this point in Fashion Week, there are a whole lotta editors, buyers, etc., really eager for the damn thing just to be over. The thought of sitting through one more show for one more minute — let alone THREE FREAKING DAYS — is enough to make an otherwise fashionable, reasonable lady want to wear a college sweatshirt and penguin pajama bottoms to Marc by Marc. Kirna Zabête co-owners Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley are fashionable, reasonable, and, apparently, tireless. They still look cute. WTF. Click ahead to find out what they’re wearing to the tents today.

On Easley: Balenciaga jacket, David Szeto dress, Chrissie Morris platform sandals, Reece Hudson bag, Prova earrings, and KBL sunglasses.
About her look: “Adding a menswear jacket makes a silk leopard evening dress work for day.”

On Buccini: Celine dress, Celine wedges, and Celine bag.
About her look: “Here we go again: It is a sickness — a dress/stripe/Celine obsession. I’ve practically lived in this dress all spring and summer — and am probably getting the last wear of it now. Unless I can work a look with tights and a knit as the temperature drops … “

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Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Six