Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Seven

Sarah Easley (left) and Beth Buccini.

Whoop-whoop! They’re headed into the home stretch: Kirna Zabête co-owners Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley have been documenting their Fashion Week outfits for, oh, the last six days, and the seventh set of outfits is just as polished as all the ones that came before it. (If that doesn’t inspire envy, well, you’re a better person than we are.) Click ahead to see what each lady is wearing on Fashion Week’s penultimate day.

On Easley: Alexander Wang dress, Celine wedges, and Ranjana Khan necklace.
About her look: “I love the ease of a long sweater dress with a bold, graphic necklace. And thank you for the five-inch lift, Celine!”

On Buccini: Jason Wu mechanic jumpsuit, Celine wedges, Hermès Birkin bag, and Balenciaga sunglasses.
About her look: “An action-y day of non-stop buying appointments calls for an action-y look, so I’m wearing my mechanic suit in super-soft tweed. Plus an old Birkin for schlepping the laptop and paperwork.”

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Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Seven