Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Eight

Sarah Easley (left) and Beth Buccini (right)

Fashion Week is less than twelve hours away from OVER. Can we get a hallelujah? A glass of Champagne? A high-five, some blister pads, and a bed in which to crash till Monday? The Kirna Zabête besties, who Cut readers now know intimately as Beth Buccini and Sarah Easley, made it through eight days of shows, too, looking chic as all get out the whole way through. (Not us, man. We’re now unbathed, unshaved, and wearing a potato-chip-flecked muumuu with Crocs.) Click ahead to see what each lady is wearing for Fashion Week’s final hurrah.

On Easley: Alexander Wang shorts, Proenza Schouler scribble tee, Lanvin jacket, Chrissie Morris shoes, and Proenza Schouler bag.
About her look: “It’s so easy to mix black and white. I like the contrast of the shiny short and matte sequins. And clearly I cannot seem to leave home without my Chrissie Morris shoes.”

On Buccini: Sacai T-shirt, Balenciaga pants, Celine wedges, Lanvin leopard-print purse, Prova star earrings, and KBL sunglasses.
About her look: “Whew! It’s over. Catch-up day in the office in a comfy/lower-glam look. Sacai is my favorite secret designer from Japan, and I know it’s time to buy new shoes, but these really are so comfortable. Plus, super-old Balenciaga pants from fall 1999 that I still love.”

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Fashion Week Style Diaries: Kirna Zabête, Day Eight