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Fug Girls: Alison Brie Talks Mad Men at Max Azria

Some things in life are more powerful than Fashion Week, and for Aisha Tyler and Alison Brie, that thing is RuPaul’s Drag Race. The two actresses were in their front-row seats at Max Azria on Sunday so early — there were guys still polishing and straightening the logo hanging at the top of the runway — that they killed time by launching into a gab session about the finer points of the Logo reality competition, which, from the sounds of things, Tyler guest-judged recently. “He looks so unbelievable in drag,” Tyler gushed of RuPaul. “He’s gorgeous. I’m like, ‘You’re shaming me right now.’” Brie extracted a few details about the judging process — no spoilers from Tyler, although she did say that as a judge she spent more one-on-one time with each contestant than she expected — and generally seemed delighted to be able to have this conversation, as if she had been waiting for months to find someone who truly understands the glories of RuPaul’s kiss-off, “Sashay … AWAY.”

Katrina Bowden slunk in so quickly that we almost didn’t see her, and looked as if she hadn’t brushed the back of her hair — although it was starting to drizzle outside, so maybe she had just gotten abused by the weather. We also got a fresh front-row face in actress Jill Flint of Royal Painsand The Good Wife. And, just as we wondered aloud to each other whether that evening’s looming VMAs would affect Fashion Week attendance, we saw that at least two singers stuck around New York: Estelle and Solange, the former in those wacky shoes where the heels grow out of the ball of your foot, and the latter in a gray knit cardigan and canary pumps. Maybe neither of them did enough V or M this year to qualify for any As.

By now, though, we had a case of the OMGs — in the sense that once we noticed how much Brie was enjoying gossiping about her favorite TV shows, we couldn’t suppress our urge to ask her about one of ours. So we sidled up to her front-row perch and confessed that we are really, really, really concerned about her Mad Men alter ego, Trudy. “You know I can’t say anything!” Brie admonished with a laugh. “But why? She’s happier than ever!” Yes, but she’s mysteriously pregnant! And there’s a secret illegitimate chip off her husband’s block running around out there! And he knows about it and didn’t tell her! Surely this will end in tears somehow! See? We are worried. “Well, I’m not worried about it for her,” Brie said. “I like her when there’s drama, and I like when there’s harmony, and I trust the writers.” We asked her what it is about Trudy and Pete that makes them rootable when he can be so damn creepy. “They are the perfect complement to each other, I think,” she opined. “Who else could handle Pete?” This gave us an opening to ask our other burning question: Had she seen Pete Campbell’s Bitchface, the website devoted to the many squirrelly expressions Vincent Kartheiser employs as her onscreen spouse? “A couple people sent it to me on Twitter,” Brie said. “I don’t know that he’s seen it, but you know, I think it’s a testament to his acting. Nobody could play it the way he does — he really creates that character. Vinny’s nothing like Pete Campbell in real life.” That is a relief. After all, Pete did exchange a chip-and-dip tray from his wedding registry for a hunting rifle, and, at the very least, a man so clearly lacking humankind’s innate, requisite respect for snacks would be a bitch to work with every day.

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Fug Girls: Alison Brie Talks Mad Men at Max Azria