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Fug Girls: Sia Goes Cheerleader-Crazy at the Christian Siriano Show

One of the first celebs to emerge from backstage at Christian Siriano’s show this afternoon was the ubiquitous Leigh Lezark. “Who is that?” the reporter standing next to us asked her companion. “I have no idea, but she’s always at these things,” the other replied. Poor Leigh: So many forays into the front row and people still don’t quite know what her deal is. She ought to start wearing explanatory T-shirts.

We could have used a bit of information from Mark Consuelos, as well. Our first Mr. Kelly Ripa sighting came while we all waited outside the venue: He lurked near the windows with a cameraman, looking patient but slightly tense, arms crossed in his tight, long-sleeved V-neck tee — the better to show off some impressively bulging biceps. (“He. Is. So. HOT,” panted a girl nearby. “And SHORT,” she added a breath later. Both true.) Then Mark scuttled inside and disappeared backstage, before emerging in time to catch the show … from, basically, the rafters. Nobody bugged him for interviews or photos, and he didn’t work the room even a little. We don’t know if he’s producing something Siriano-based, fashion-based, or rafters-based, but we wish he’d demanded the spotlight for a few seconds from somebody so we could’ve overheard the scoop. Hopefully Kelly will yap about it all to Regis tomorrow.

Alan Cumming created a decidedly bigger stir when he arrived. Cumming sported chin scruff, a hot-dog-emblazoned T-shirt, orange tennis shoes, and a devilish grin. We’ve never been so jealous of Maggie Grace, who was slotted on Cumming’s other side. (Well, maybe when she got to make out with Naveen Andrews on Lost, but this was a close second.) We suspect teen star JoJo was also jealous of Maggie, because the poor kid was stuck all the way at the edge of the front row, away from all the rest of the celebrities. This seems totally unfair to us. Although JoJo is now sporting very dark hair that makes her look surprisingly like Lindsay Lohan during LiLo’s raven period, JoJo is not actually Lindsay Lohan, and therefore does not really deserve to be quarantined in celebrity purgatory. But if this experience inspires some tortured pop songs, surely it will have been worth it.

30 Rock’s Katrina Bowden, a Siriano regular, sailed in wearing a great gray silk dress and a truly fierce pair of heels that later made an appearance on the runway. People swarmed her immediately and fired questions at her as diverse as “What’s your favorite candy?” (Dots) and “Would you hold this Frappuccino?” (she would not). Katrina looked somewhat disinterested by all this excitement over her snack habits and coffee-holding skills, which was a stark contrast to the demeanor of her seatmate Sia. The blonde, awkwardly bobbed Australian singer/songwriter — whose “Breathe Me” you may recall from the finale of Six Feet Under — was having the best time. She smiled. She clapped. She bounced up and down in time to the music. She giggled with Alan Cumming. She gasped with joy over the show’s two intricate, ruffled finale dresses. Essentially, she enjoyed the hell out of herself, and capped it all when Christian came out for his bow by throwing her hands in the air and — we kid you not — giving him full Bring It On spirit fingers. At one point, we made prolonged eye contact with each other as we boogied simultaneously in our seats; since that obviously now makes us besties, maybe we’ll ask if she knows the deal with Leigh Lezark. We’ll keep you posted.

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Fug Girls: Sia Goes Cheerleader-Crazy at the Christian Siriano Show