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Fug Girls: Leighton Meester Digs Derek Lam’s Sign

Second from left: Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey and actress Leighton Meester, front row at Derek Lam.

We’ve heard of celebrities going to fashion shows for the publicity, or because the designer is a friend, or even for the quaint, old-timey reason that they really dig the clothes. But Leighton Meester laid a new one on us at Derek Lam this morning. When asked why she came out to see his show, the Gossip Girl star said, “His stuff is innovative, and yet timeless. Also, he’s an Aries.” Fair enough, kid, but just to warn you, Mercury goes retrograde for them just like it does for the rest of us.

If she was wearing Lam to the show, it was a hit: Leighton looked casually chic in a cream skirt and light white sweater, with black heeled booties. She arrived with a male friend and zero fanfare, pausing for a friendly chat with Elle’s Joe Zee and Robbie Myers — and to fawn over a woman’s baby — before taking her seat next to Harper’s Bazaar’s Glenda Bailey. We would’ve expected Leighton to be on her way west for tonight’s VMAs; we suppose there’s still time for her to hop a plane, but we prefer to think she is sticking around New York because her tiresome Stupidly Clad Mediocre Pop Star phase is finally over. Here’s hoping the requisite planets have finally aligned.

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Fug Girls: Leighton Meester Digs Derek Lam’s Sign