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Fug Girls: Halle Berry Was a No-Show at Rag & Bone

Rumor had it that Halle Berry was going to be making an appearance at rag & bone this morning, and we were obviously atwitter about it. Forget your Leigh Lezarks and your Sophia Bushes: Halle Berry is, like, an actual movie star.

Sadly, it appears that even actual movie stars run into logistical problems: Halle never showed, allegedly thanks to her plane being delayed (that’s what we read on the Internet, anyway, so it has to be true). Instead, we made do with Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr, who is very pretty indeed, and we’re sure also very nice, but … you know, no Halle Berry. In the bonus column for Szohr, though, while she cannot claim to be an Oscar winner, her hair extensions do look much better in person than they ever have on TV.

Szohr (and her multicolored, suede, over-the-knee boots) was seated right next to model Jessica Stam in the front row, and the sight of two Jessicas together prompted a paroxysm of delight from the photographers. And although we must admit that we would have been more delighted to see Stam on the catwalk rather than sitting on her butt like the rest of us, she did seem to be enjoying the break. The Jessicas chatted throughout the show like long-lost friends reunited, and while we were too far away to eavesdrop, we decided that Szohr probably asked Stam whatever happened to her rumored collaboration with rag & bone, and Stam was grilling Szohr about how Chuck Bass manages to pull through getting shot in an alley in the Gossip Girl finale. You know, the important questions. Poor Halle Berry. She missed out. Now she’s just going to have to watch Gossip Girl to find out, like the rest of us.

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Fug Girls: Halle Berry Was a No-Show at Rag & Bone