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Fug Girls: Harajukus, SJP, and a Pervy Photographer at Halston

The first thing we saw when we walked into Monday night’s Halston presentation was a guest wearing a giant bedazzled watermelon on her head. The second thing we saw: Sarah Jessica Parker — who works for Halston as a creative muckety-muck — looking amazing in a super-short red-orange dress, sans head fruit. We’re sure this would disappoint Carrie Bradshaw, who probably never met a bejeweled foodstuff she didn’t want to caress, but we think it was the right move for Parker. You want the takeaway from an event like this to be, “Wow, I want what she’s wearing,” and not, “Man, her head would make a delicious seasonal tart.”

SJP worked the room like a charming pro, chatting with everyone from random girls to Elle creative director Joe Zee (who gave her a big hug). “You are so sweet to come out in the rain,” one of the randoms gushed. Sarah demurred, tactfully neglecting to mention that — unlike the rest of us schmoes — she had a chauffeured car ready and willing to ferry her everywhere she wanted to go. Indeed, we’ve read countless articles detailing Sarah’s alleged famous manners, and having seen her twice this week we can testify that they appear to be true. She even posed for a photo with a gaggle of Harajuku girls who her PR person told her were huge fans.

Indeed, after Sarah left, the Harajuku girls — who were her last stop before the exit doors — burst into thrilled giggles. We feared that was the high before the comedown, and wondered if we should direct them into the main room of the presentation, where Alexis Bledel was looking lovely in a red cocktail dress that seemed maybe half a size too big for her (understandable: She is wee). Sure, maybe Rory Gilmore is no Carrie Bradshaw, but nor is she chopped liver.

Although given the choice, we might prefer to be Alexis Bledel. After one of Sarah Jessica’s photo sessions — which we observed from a nearby spot against the wall — a photographer lurched over to us and showed us a picture on his camera that consisted solely of a close-up of SJP’s crotch. “Um, yes. Her dress is sort of short?” we offered, trying not to look. His response to this was to zoom in ever-closer on the photo and mutter something inexplicable. As we averted our eyes from Carrie Bradshaw’s fabric-covered lady flower and backed away as politely as possible, we could only think how weird being Sarah Jessica Parker must be. But at least she knows the Harajuku girls have her back.

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Fug Girls: Harajukus, SJP, and a Pervy Photographer at Halston