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Fug Girls: Harvey Weinstein Shares the Secret to a Good Marriage at Marchesa

We scored our first sighting at Marchesa on Wednesday before we even made it inside: Rachel Zoe, with husband Rodger and her straightened hair in tow, standing plaintively on the corner waiting for her car. The street in front of the Chelsea Art Museum was a parking lot of idling Escalades, taxis, and Marchesa-branded Range Rovers, yet apparently none was hers. If Rachel had thought of it, though, she could have used her stint on the street corner to make some money. Get your mind out of the gutter! We just mean, because that’s where all the celebs popped out of either the show itself or their rides, and maybe a couple of them are in the market for a stylist. Kelly Osbourne, for example — whom we spied first, and whom we heard someone describe as “the little one with the hair” — certainly seems excited about dressing her new body. The clutch of photographers definitely approved, too. Once she was rushed inside the venue, they all started clucking like hens about how hot they think she is now.

“Let’s go, killer!” a truck driver screamed out his window at Kelly’s idling Rover as soon as she disappeared. But it was only to be replaced by another, then another, as folks like Giada De Laurentiis and Selita Ebanks scurried past the unending line and into the venue. “There’s like 700 people here,” stressed one guest. “This is just really inconvenient for me.” We’re sure it’s not all a picnic for the models, either, standing on a dais for more than an hour under hot lights wearing heavy dresses and surely pinch-y shoes. The organizers thought of that, though, and had staffers armed with bottled water, straws, and cups of M&Ms and cookies to forestall any dehydration or low-blood-sugar-related swooning spells. Nobody likes a head injury, especially when you’re in an intricately pleated gown and a room full of Vogue employees.

Inside, the art gallery was packed. We spotted, briefly, Tinsley Mortimer, and then, not so briefly, Natasha Bedingfield, whom we heard exclaiming that she was just “gobsmacked” by the gowns. She floated past Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman’s producer hubby, a rather successful gentleman you may have heard of called Harvey Weinstein, who was fielding a question about his secret to marital success. Harvey replied, “Two TVs. She can watch Glee, and I can watch John Ford movies with John Wayne. Getting George to watch those … It just doesn’t happen.” Too bad. Frankly, we think she and Sue Sylvester would be simpatico. Once Harvey finished his interview, Bedingfield sidled up to him and congratulated him on the beautiful clothes; he demurred and said it was all Georgina. Then Natasha — along with just about everyone else who passed by — gave a cheers to him about his new daughter, India Pearl (whom he said was named for his grandmother). Harvey chuckled, “That one, I did have something to do with.”

He might have more to do with it than we realized. If we were betting women, we’d have laid down good money on Georgina and Harvs having a night nurse, but his unshaven face and the fact that he was sporting a sportcoat over a stretched-out, plain white undershirt makes us think that Harvey’s been getting up all hours with the baby. His apparent exhaustion was, if not particularly dapper, certainly quite humanizing.

Jessica Szohr was also there, possibly taking a cue from Harvey’s newfound relatability. We overheard British bombshell Kelly Brook ask Jessica if she was going to the Marchesa dinner later. Jessica sighed. “If I don’t have to work,” she said, sounding kind of bummed about the prospect of having to pick business over party. Turns out the stars ARE just like us. Well, except for Georgina Chapman: The apparently bionic Mrs. Weinstein was working the room with ease merely two weeks postpartum. “She finished everything before the baby,” a woman identifying herself as Georgina’s yoga teacher told us. That only makes her seem fractionally less heroic. We hope Harvey took her home and hired her an extra butler or three after this. Forget relatability when you can pay for some in-home foot massages.

Fug Girls: Harvey Weinstein Shares the Secret to a Good Marriage at Marchesa