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Fug Girls: Jessica Szohr Is Fashion Week’s Most Ubiquitous Celeb

Jessica Szohr and D.J. Leigh Lezark attend the Hervé Léger by Max Azria show.

It seems like a miracle that Max Azria can put on three fashion shows this week when, at times, we can barely remember to put on pants. Maybe that’s why he extended Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szohr an invitation to his final event, today’s Hervé Léger show at Lincoln Center. Given how often she has cropped up in our reportage, Szohr has to be one of the busiest celebrities at Fashion Week. Which might also point to her being one of the least busy celebrities on Gossip Girl, but let’s not dwell on that. It’s not her fault if Vanessa Abrams is occasionally too boring for TV.

Szohr was poured into a skintight Max Azria dress that left zero margin for error, and of course she has the body to pull it off. But she said her top fashion tip involves something further south. “Wear great heels,” she advised. “I feel like, you can be wearing a white V-neck and comfy jeans and be fine as long as you’ve got a good heel on with it. I actually prefer just throwing things together — when it gets too trendy or put-together, I think it’s too much.” At that moment, a PR staffer decided it was time to cut short the interviews and clear the runway. The girl next to us put down her recorder in disappointment, then shrugged, “Whatever, she’s so many places this year, I’ll just get her later.” Or not: Someone got off one more question about what was next for Szohr after this. “I’m going on a vacation!” she said. Presumably she meant after Fashion Week ends, because with two more days left, surely her work here is not done. Ours isn’t, and without her stocking the front rows, whatever will we do? Won’t someone think of the Twitter?

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Fug Girls: Jessica Szohr Is Fashion Week’s Most Ubiquitous Celeb