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Fug Girls: Katie Cassidy Inspires Envy at Jason Wu

Confession: We don’t have any tattoos. But there are certain celebrities who nearly tempt us into thinking it’s a good idea — kind of like how some haircuts seduce you, and you have to remind yourself that your hair and Emma Watson’s hair are nothing alike — and Katie Cassidy is one such person. The CW starlet, once of Melrose Place and now of Gossip Girl, is so pretty and chic that she makes you want to emulate her, from the perfect tan to the legs to the stars inked onto her feet. But our moms can rest easy: We are not succumbing to the lure of a tat we would likely later regret. Because one way in which we cannot emulate Katie Cassidy is having the pain tolerance for those needles. Just one more way being wimps serves us well.

Cassidy had the front row to herself for a while, looking great in a black skirt and sandy blouse. Elettra Wiedemann sat a few spots down, and a French model whose name no one knew — including her cameraman — was there as part of some reality show she is doing in her native land. She seemed to be having a ball posing for all the photographers and chatting up other attendees. It was endearing — like she was reveling in the moment the way anyone imagines they would if they were eleven feet tall and gorgeous.

But her moment in the sun stopped as soon as Diane Kruger took her seat next to Cassidy, prompting a rush of flashbulb explosions. Kruger’s outfit was … very Kruger. Seated, it looked like an elaborately beaded black top with peekaboo shoulders and a pretty, demure long skirt. But once she stood, the skirt revealed itself to be a tad more sheer — and tulle-based — than we’d realized. Oh, Diane. Always with the translucent curveball.

The two women chatted happily, then tugged at their hair as they took in the show — self-consciously, not vainly, also as we imagine we would do if we knew everyone was watching us. Thank God nobody is, so we can snack on our purse’s carb stash in peace. Hey, maybe that’s actually one way — indeed, the only way — that Katie Cassidy wishes she could emulate us. She’s winning the game still, of course, but at least we might have a point on the board.

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Fug Girls: Katie Cassidy Inspires Envy at Jason Wu