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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne Almost Inspires an Orgy at Erin Fetherston

Until Kelly Osbourne was standing two feet away from us at Erin Fetherston’s show today, we hadn’t grasped quite how different she looks now that she’s slimmed down (to a genuinely tiny dress size), dialed back the wacky hair, and abandoned the punky style that was once her signature. In fact, we heard one guy point to Osbourne and ask, “What is that girl’s name?” When he found out who it was, his mouth fell open large enough to fit a bird inside, he rocked backward with his hands in the air, and he mouthed, “NO! A-MAZ-ING.” Then he turned and grabbed the shoulders of the man next to him and crowed, “That’s Kelly Osbourne! Can you believe it? Incredible!” For a second we thought he was going to skip through the room and kiss everyone on the mouth, and then Kelly Osbourne would be able to say that her diet and exercise regimen sparked an impromptu Fashion Week orgy. Alas.

Even without having caused a spontaneous love-in, though, Kelly seemed very proud of herself for how healthy and happy she looks. “I was just done with it,” Kelly told a reporter of her old ways. “So I went away and I found myself, and now I can fit into dresses I never would have dreamed of before.” And it’s led to some fruitful impulse shopping: “I saw this dress on the rack today,” she confessed of the long, simple orange frock she was wearing. “I don’t normally like orange, but there was just something about it.” Any regrets? “I can’t move my arms!” she giggled. “I have these sweat marks!” We have so been there.

And sure enough, for the entire show, Kelly managed to chat with her seatmates and take pictures of the dresses coming down the runway, all without lifting her upper arms away from her sides — and without looking as if she were doing the robot. Now that is a marketable skill; it would’ve looked so nice on her résumé right under “Orgy Inspirer.” Maybe next season.

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Fug Girls: Kelly Osbourne Almost Inspires an Orgy at Erin Fetherston