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Fug Girls: The Donald Kissed Old Ladies at Michael Kors

Bloomberg may be the mayor of New York, but Donald Trump was the mayor of the tents this morning at Michael Kors. As he walked across the plaza holding hands with wife Melania, a small hush descended and everyone stopped to gawk. Photographers snapping their pictures whispered, “Thank you, Mr. Trump.” Security staffers manning the doors boomed, “Good morning, Mr. Trump!” The PR people running the show smiled, “Great to see you, Mr. Trump.” And then once he walked into the show itself, a guy in the seats wearing a plaid shirt and jeans brandished a home video camera, hung over the railing, and yelled, “Eyyyyyyy, the Donald!”

Trump smirked and flipped him a half-wave, half-salute before heading to his seat. The mobbing continued there: People freaked so much that we almost got knocked into the collective lap of Vogue, which meant we’d also have been splayed across Serena Williams’s lap, as she attended with Anna (they are total bosom buddies now; Serena even got Anna smiling and laughing during the show’s finale). Trump also took some fan pics, and we saw him stoop to smooch the cheek of a very tiny old-lady fan, at which point she rasped, “Now the other one.” He obliged and she thanked him. “Any time you want,” he said, and the old lady moseyed away with a huge grin, as if she’d just found a new boy toy.

We wanted to ask him whether he still hangs out with Bret Michaels, and if he could therefore confirm whether Bret truly don’t need nothin’ but a good time or if that is a meaningful double-negative … but reporters got booted off the runway so the show could start. One did get in a perfunctory query about why the Don was in attendance. “I’m here with my wife, and Michael is a great talent,” he said. Although technically he has said the same basic thing about such Celebrity Apprentice luminaries as Rod Blagojevich and Dennis Rodman, in this instance we tend to believe him.

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Fug Girls: The Donald Kissed Old Ladies at Michael Kors