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Fug Girls: Perrey Reeves Talks Diet Tips at Nicole Miller

When we walked into Nicole Miller Friday afternoon, the first seat we saw was marked, “Michael Gross.” Could it be? Was Family Ties’ beloved paterfamilias, for some unimagined reason, making the foray to Fashion Week? We indulged a lengthy fantasy which culminated in our finally being introduced to Michael J. Fox — the greatest dream of our childhood — before we remembered that surely this chair was for the writer Michael Gross.

Apparently, our days of skateboarding with Marty McFly are as far off as they ever were.
It was the first of a few sad disappointments. We’d heard rumors Diddy was going to attend the show, but unless he was in disguise as a Voguette, we saw neither him nor a chair tagged with his name. Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie did at least have an assigned seat next to Tessa Thompson’s (you probably don’t remember her from the CW’s short-lived Hidden Palms, but might remember her from Veronica Mars), but we didn’t see him either until after the show ended, when we almost bumped into both of them standing outside on the sidewalk looking perplexed (and, in Urie’s case, sporting three days’ growth of scruff and a totally jazzy suit). Did they accidentally miss the show, or were they just confused because we didn’t come over and yammer on inarticulately about Hidden Palms, as we are wont to do?

We also didn’t get to ogle Mad Men’s Alison Brie nearly as much as we’d have liked, as she sneaked into the show through standing room at the very last minute (although we saw enough to confirm she looked smashing in a short, bright blue cocktail dress). And, in the final blow, we overheard Entourage’s Perrey Reeves telling a reporter that she’s a vegetarian and does a lot of yoga. Personally, we were hoping that the secret to such a petite figure as hers was actually to, like, eat extra cheeseburgers in hopes that the excess calories somehow eventually cancel themselves out and actually become a negative number, but apparently it’s all vegetables and exercise. Boring.

All was not lost, however: In addition to Reeves, we did spy singer Cassie — who continues to sport that half-shaved head, like it’s still the summer of 2009 where she is — and Sarah Wynter, who looked low-key in a black sheath. Best of all, when we happened to glance up in the middle of the show, we spotted a red-haired woman standing behind a back row, bobbing her head in time to the music. It was model-actress–former Stallone paramour Angie Everhart — officially the last person we expected to see standing around, well, anywhere, much less tucked under a shadowy brick archway like an underage dude loitering outside a liquor store. The good news for her is, when you see the back of a statuesque woman with a red mane, the name “Angie Everhart” is still the first to leap to mind. Julia Roberts can’t even claim that, so in that respect, the show closed on an up note for both us and Angie. Sigh. We do love a happy ending.

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Fug Girls: Perrey Reeves Talks Diet Tips at Nicole Miller