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Fug Girls: Tavi Angles for Extra Credit at Y-3

The two most famous faces at Y-3 on Sunday afternoon would make for strange — and, for the time being, illegal — bedfellows indeed: teen blogging sensation Tavi and singer/star of You Got Served Omarion, whom, we have to admit, seemed remarkably disinterested in serving anyone. Every answer we overheard him give, in fact, was the very model of tact: When asked what his No. 1 fashion tip was, he replied, “Just be yourself.” (His self apparently is someone who loves giant blinged-out chain necklaces.) When asked which celebrity woman was dressed best, he courteously demurred that he found it impossible to pick just one. Surely this level of polite discourse makes him a lovely person and a valued friend, but as far as gossip goes, it’s all kind of disappointing.

Not at all disappointing was Tavi, who was hanging out in the front row with her dad, and who kindly let us chat her up for a few moments. We had to ask her what it was like to have Anna Wintour pop by and pay her a visit on Fashion’s Night Out — because when we were faced with The Bob on that same evening, we basically were struck dumb by fear. Tavi is more poised than we are — no surprise there — and told us that “[Anna’s visit] all happened so fast, it was really a blur. I can’t really remember it.” She then admitted that it was probably a good thing she didn’t know Anna was going to be dropping by, with which we must agree: Surely the anticipation of such a visit could kill. We next asked her if she was missing any school for Fashion Week, likely making us only the fourteenth or fifteenth person today to follow that line of inquiry. Tavi explained that her teachers are “flexible and understanding,” and that she gets to come to Fashion Week only because she works hard to keep her grades up. We helpfully suggested that perhaps this entire excursion count for some extra credit. Though she seemed doubtful about the efficacy of this plan, we’re pretty sure we just got that kid an A in something.

Also earning extra credit — at least from us — was the little girl who was standing behind us throughout the show, who couldn’t have been more than 4. When the whole extravaganza was over (including a very vigorous live performance from The Duke Spirit, hovering on a podium about twenty feet above the floor of the Armory), an adult turned to her. “Was that fun?” the adult asked. “Yes,” the little girl said. “AND LOUD,” she added in a yell. We can’t think of a more succinct summation of a Y-3 show. Seems like the critics are getting younger every year.

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Fug Girls: Tavi Angles for Extra Credit at Y-3