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Fug Girls: Serena Williams Buddies Up With the Vogue Crew at Vera Wang

For such a ladylike line, the front row at Vera Wang was awfully sporty this morning. The first person seated in the Vogue section — before even Anna Wintour — was tennis star Serena Williams, who looked fabulous in a subtle gray day dress, her hair in long, soft waves. She seemed a bit pensive — perhaps she’s still bummed about sister Venus’s Friday U.S. Open loss — but perked right up when Anna arrived, followed by André Leon Talley, who enfolded her into a tender embrace. We have to wonder how Serena felt about the fact that she was that close to ALT’s possibly velvet basketball-length man-shorts, but we suspect they have magical cheering qualities, because she spent the rest of the show chatting and laughing with Anna, who was more animated and happy during their exchange than we’ve ever seen her.

On the other end of the runway sat fellow Olympic gold medalist Evan Lysacek, sporting a very slim dark suit and talking about how he, as an athlete, always had “the utmost respect for the media.” We assume he was talking about the current New York Jets sexual-harassment kerfuffle, in which several players have been accused of making inappropriate comments to a female reporter, but maybe he was just kissing up. His conversation then took a sharp left turn into speculation about the current season of Dancing With the Stars, at which point we wandered away toward our seats.

En route, we passed Stephanie Pratt of The Hills, who seemed totally delighted to be there. We noticed her gesturing to Elle’s Joe Zee, seated across the way. “I love him,” we heard her say. “He seems so nice.” And by the time we got to our seats, lo and behold, she was talking to him, looking utterly thrilled. Hey, apparently, reality stars have some respect for the media, too.

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Fug Girls: Serena Williams Buddies Up With the Vogue Crew at Vera Wang