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Fug Girls: Victoria Beckham Is Fashion’s Hostess With the Mostess

Fittingly, for a woman married to arguably the world’s most famous soccer player, the decor at the Upper East Side townhouse where Victoria Beckham showed her line this morning was dominated by balls. Sure, hers were of the giant topiary version, but we appreciated the synergy regardless.

Victoria clearly has old Golden Balls — no, seriously, people actually used to call him that — on the mind as well, telling us that she designed her new, large square travel tote for him. “I had to have a bag in there that David could use,” she explained with a grin.

Luckily, Victoria — who, if you haven’t heard, has her long extensions back in — added plenty of lady-bags to her new accessories collection, too, plus sunglasses. It seems the Victoria Beckham brand is going strong, and honestly, it’s easy to see why: In addition to all those lovely frocks she’s producing, she’s really awfully charming in person.

Just as in previous seasons, Posh greeted each of us personally — stopping to have a long chat with Joanna Coles of Marie Claire, whom we overheard saying that Victoria is going to be very happy with “the cover” — and talked us through the collection at length, noting both her inspirations and, in once instance, confiding that she planned to wear one floor-length, short-sleeved, belted gown to her “next major fashion event.”

A few dresses in, Suzy Menkes — seated to Victoria’s left — nudged her and asked her to tell us about “the shoes,” a pair of super-high metallic-copper Brian Atwood pumps sported both by Beckham and all the models. Posh clasped her hands together and explained — as self-deprecatingly as possible, considering what was to follow — that they were inspired by her new vintage Rolex (which she was also wearing), and that she’d just called up Brian and asked him to hook her up. You know, like you do.

“And, well, that’s it!” Victoria said after the last of the models walked through the warm, white townhouse drawing room. And with that, the room burst into vigorous applause — surely as much for her hostessing abilities as for the clothes — and filed out past the balls into the rain.

Fug Girls: Victoria Beckham Is Fashion’s Hostess With the Mostess