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John Galliano Says ‘There Is No Age Limit for True Love’

John Galliano’s decision to make 17-year-old Taylor Momsen the face of his new fragrance — which last night was revealed to be called Parlez-moi d’Amour (Tell Me About Love) — came as a surprise to some, asking: Where exactly is the intersection between the rebellious Gossip Girl and the luxe label? Galliano, who launched the perfume at famed Paris restaurant Lapérouse last night, confirmed that he is indeed targeting a much younger audience now than with his previous, eponymous scent — though he was quick to add that “there is no age limit for true love.”

Momsen, who rubbed a lot of people the wrong way recently with her stripper shoes and pantsless outfits, never seemed more in the right place than at Lapérouse. Looking more like a boudoir than a restaurant with its many plush compartments, the space is home to many legends, including its mirror engravings — allegedly stemming from mistresses testing their diamond rings’ caliber. Last night, Marshall amplifiers covered with roses, the bed of a young woman adorned with love letters in Gothic script, and of course perfume bottles at the ready further set a frivolous, glam-rock atmosphere.

While the event was at first limited to a happy few on the inside, things turned more democratic later on, albeit one hour ahead of schedule (a small tragedy for many fans still on the way): The star and her band, the Pretty Reckless, performed three songs (“Factory Girl,” “Make Me Wanna Die,” and “Since You’re Gone”) on a truck in front of the restaurant in what was the group’s first showcase in Paris.

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John Galliano Says ‘There Is No Age Limit for True Love’