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Katie Grand: ‘Sometimes I Think It’s Good to Not Be As Highbrow’

Before she married Pulp bassist Steve Mackey, Love editor and renowned stylist Katie Grand dated Giles Deacon. They still work together, and to much fanfare: Grand was responsible for putting Abbey Clancy, who is pregnant with soccer star Peter Crouch’s child, on Deacon’s spring 2011 runway, along with Kelly Brook, another sort of C-list personality. Kerry Katona was also a surprise, sitting on the front row. Grand explains:

“Sometimes I think it’s good to not be as highbrow,” she says. “Often fashion is quite lofty. It’s good to use different people.”

Because for Grand, it doesn’t matter if you’re cool or on-trend or well-liked, necessarily — as long as you’re hot.

“Just because they haven’t had the typical ‘cool model’ career path it doesn’t mean they’re any less valid than someone like Agyness [Deyn].”

Grand seems to have a magpie-like eye, always looking for something shiny and new. In April she was having dinner with friends and Katona was at the next table. “We couldn’t stop staring at her, saying ‘Oh my god, she’s gorgeous’,” says Grand. “I thought, ‘Should we do something on her for the magazine?’ It was as straightforward as that.”

Maybe some of those America’s Next Top Model cast-offs — or, like, Lindsay Lohan — will have the foresight to book tables at Grand’s favorite restaurant. Plenty of personal-style bloggers probably will.

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Katie Grand: ‘Sometimes I Think It’s Good to Not Be As Highbrow’